Long Jacket Communications

To some people, working with a dry cleaning chain might sound, well, dry but that wasn’t the case with Best Cleaners, a family-owned chain based in upstate New York. Under the leadership of a dynamic, forward thinking couple, Best Cleaners is changing the image people have of dry cleaners as an impersonal commodity in a gritty storefront. Partnering with the creative minds at Breakhouse, Best Cleaners understood that the power of a well-developed brand was the key to standing out, fostering customer loyalty, and competing against larger chains.

As part of the Breakhouse team I helped develop concepts that integrated their newly articulated brand into various marketing campaigns and sales collateral. A core aspect of the Best Cleaners brand was to express a personality and that was accomplished by bringing the garments themselves to life. Sweaters made cries for help, rugs confessed dirty secrets, and coats begged for attention. Using humour, education and always a strong call to action, each piece treated the customer like a smart, busy, adult who needed a little help to make the chores of life easier. In addition to copywriting and contributing to creative development, I also managed the team, the projects, and clients services.

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