Long Jacket Communications

Kelsey’s, Canada’s original casual dining franchise, had survived more than 30 years but needed to thrive and that meant adapting to a changed marketplace and establishing a strong relationship with Millennials. That’s when Cara approached Breakhouse, knowing its national reputation for transforming brands from the inside, out.

I was part of the creative and strategic teams at Breakhouse that developed a complete brand and restaurant experience revolution. In a thoroughly collaborative approach with the Kelsey’s brand team that included a deep dive into the past and present of the Kelsey’s experience, we were able to articulate a future through a comprehensive new approach to the brand. From brand positioning, guiding principles, language, and copywriting for menus, ads, and promotions, I worked with Breakhouse to breath new life into the Kelsey’s brand through a combination of guided self-discovery and strategic reincarnation.