Long Jacket Communications

Rivalling donairs and lobsters as iconic local food, The Chickenburger has been a tasty tradition for more than 70 years. Its flagship Bedford location is a nostalgic destination for the entire family, harkening back to the days of the classic diner complete with neon signs and a rock n’ roll jukebox. But when The Chickenburger decided to open a location in the Dalhousie Student Union building, they knew they were facing a whole new audience who might not be aware of the local legend or connect with the nostalgic messaging.

Working with the talented creative team at Revolve, I helped develop a campaign that maintained Chickenburger’s cool vintage vibe but added a cheeky tone that would connect with students. We developed ‘Delicious Confessions’ into POS, posters, ads, and tent cards and I wrote headlines using a saucy play on words to call attention to the hot, fresh, and tasty food.

Design by Revolve.