Long Jacket Communications

I Put Words in Your Mouth.

You’ve probably heard the expression “don’t put words in my mouth” used in a negative context. Maybe you’ve even said it yourself. But the truth is, as a writer, that’s what I do best – I put words in people’s mouths. Words that deliver clarity, emotion and inspiration. Clarity that allows your target audience to understand what you’re offering, emotion that connects them with your brand, and inspiration that gets them moving – to buy, to care, to spread the word.

I Put Ideas in Your Head.

I definitely heard this expression growing up: “Don’t put ideas in her head.” It was usually said by people wanting to manage my expectations or control my behaviour. To me, that’s what is so powerful and exciting about ideas – how they can influence and transform expectations and behaviour.

During my 15-year career in marketing and communications I have worked with smart people from a wide cross section of industries and organizations, large and small. They know what they want and they know how to get there but often they need help finding just the right way to express it. That’s where I come in. From copywriting to creative development, branding to brainstorming, I’ll help put the right words in your mouth that put the right ideas in people’s heads.


Branding Facilitation & Development

Creative Concept Development

Communications Consulting

Project Management


A Word’s Worth.

What’s a word worth? When it comes to communicating with your customers I think we all agree that it’s worth everything. It’s your whole business. If you can’t convince people why they should buy you, choose you, invest in you or recommend you, you don’t have a business. But with a little help from someone who can offer a strategic ear and a clear message, you’ll connect with the people who matter most: your customers.

Just because good communication is priceless doesn’t mean it has to be pricey. Whether it’s a one-page letter, your company newsletter, a speech to stakeholders or your website needs a new spin, I offer competitive rates, upfront estimates that stick and a way with words.